June 2, 2016

Definiens and MolecularMD Announce Partnership to Combine IHC Assays with Advanced Digital Pathology and Data Mining

Partnership Provides State-of-the-Art Patient Stratification Using Quantitative Tissue Assays For Clinical Development and Diagnostics

Munich, Germany – June 2, 2016 – Definiens, the pioneer in Tissue Phenomics solutions for diagnostics development and commercialization, today announced a partnership agreement with MolecularMD to combine MolecularMD’s expertise in specialty diagnostic assays with Definiens’ quantitative tissue read-outs. MolecularMD is a molecular diagnostics company that develops custom companion diagnostic products and supports clinical trial services for targeted cancer therapies. “Definiens’ technology already empowers smarter tissue-based diagnostics,” said Merrilyn Datta, chief commercial officer, Definiens. “This agreement brings together MolecularMD’s proven track record in clinical assay development and companion diagnostics with Definiens’ unparalleled image analysis platform to provide the confidence of an integrated solution in stratifying patients.”

The new partnership between the two diagnostics companies provides custom solutions that meet data and regulatory requirements for both biopharmaceutical clients and academic medical center oncology programs, including advanced solutions with assays, image analysis and data mining, combined with deep scientific, regulatory and pathology support. “MolecularMD is uniquely suited to assist biopharmaceutical clients and academic medical centers with our clinical trial and regulatory expertise,” said Dan Snyder, president and chief executive officer, MolecularMD. “I’m thrilled that Definiens and MolecularMD have joined forces to provide these unique advantages, accelerating pipeline decisions and dramatically improving patient stratification from the pre-clinical phase.”