Clinical Trial Infrastructure & Support

Supporting Biopharma’s Needs for Clinical Trial Assays and Clinical Trial Services

The Company delivers value to its biopharma clients through four principal Divisions: Centralized Clinical Testing, Clinical Trial Assay and IVD Development, Advanced Diagnostics, and Manufacturing & Commercialization. MolecularMD’s “Core” business is focused around the Centralized Clinical Testing Services and Clinical Trial Assay and IVD Development segments, while the Advanced Diagnostics and Manufacturing and Commercialization segments have been built out to support the ongoing needs of Biopharma clients.

To best ensure a sponsor’s success, our Clinical Trial Teams provide both comprehensive and customized clinical trial services and aim to accommodate the unique logistics and reporting requirements of each sponsor’s trial. MolecularMD undertakes biomarker studies of various scope and scale ranging from Pre-Clinical or Phase I exploratory studies to larger international Phase III/IV pivotal trials. Whatever the study, processes are optimized to achieve the turn-around time, logistics and reporting accuracy needed to ensure clinical trials run at peak efficiency.