Clinical Testing Services

Clinical Laboratory Support Associate (CLSA)

Location: Portland, Oregon
Type: Full-time (Tuesday - Saturday shift)

Overview of the role:

The Clinical Laboratory Support Associate (CLSA) is responsible for specimen receiving and accessioning, pre-analytical specimen management, storage of clinical specimens, maintaining clinical specimen requisitions, providing clerical support, and assisting with lab cleaning/maintenance, equipment/temperature monitoring, and lab supply replenishment.  The CLSA will receive, accession, and track the location of clinical specimens including whole blood, bone marrow, isolated nucleic acid (RNA and DNA), tissue blocks and slides.  The CLSA plays a vital role in the integrity of specimen tracking through initial handling phases in the laboratory.  Accuracy and attention to detail are critical to ensure that all sample numbers and patient information are entered into the laboratory data base without introducing errors.  The Clinical Laboratory is a highly stringent and regulated environment with documented processes which must be followed throughout all phases of specimen management.  Participation in required continuing education is mandatory as is compliance with all MolecularMD policies and external agency regulatory training.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Receiving, accessioning and maintaining location tracking for clinical specimens including whole blood and bone marrow specimens, isolated nucleic acid (RNA and DNA), tissue blocks and slides
  • Performing critical specimen management functions using the laboratory database system(s) in accordance with all MolecularMD policies and procedures
  • Storing clinical specimens including whole blood tubes, bone marrow tubes, isolated nucleic acid (RNA and DNA), blocks and slides
  • Fulfilling requests to pull samples from storage for further clinical laboratory testing
  • Dispositioning and/or discarding stored and remnant specimens according to client request
  • Maintaining clinical specimen requisitions and accessioning paperwork in compliance with all policies to ensure complete record retention and easy retrieval
  • Scanning paper records into electronic files as directed
  • Providing support for clerical, laboratory cleaning/maintenance, equipment/temperature monitoring, and laboratory supply replenishment functions

Work Experience, Education, and Computer Skills:

  • High School diploma or equivalent education (GED)
  • Minimum of 3 years related experience, or an equivalent combination of higher education and relevant work experience
  • Advanced basic-computer job skills including logging on to systems, ability to communicate by email, ability to compose documents, enter database information, create presentations, download forms and preserve/backup important data

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